Dracaena Somnolenta:A Kokomi-centric Zine


> Dracaena Somnolenta is a SFW, for-charity, Kokomi-centric, Genshin Impact Zine.> This zine is dedicating 100% of its profits to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Find more about their project here!> The zine will focus on the divine priestess herself, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and her life in Teyvat.> Unfortunately, AU's will not be allowed, as we'd like to keep it as canon-centric as possible!


Psst! For more information, check out this cool information document!

What is this zine about?> Dracaena Somnolenta is a Kokomi-centric fanzine, dedicated to creating works around the divine priestess of the Watatsumi Island, Sangonomiya Kokomi.Will this zine be for-profit or for-charity?> Dracaena Somnolenta will be a for-charity zine dedicated to raising money for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. All proceeds will go to this incredible organization whose goal is to preserve and restore the Great Barrier Reef.What is the Great Barrier Reef?> Found on the coasts of Northeastern Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system, composed of over 2,900 reefs and 900 islands. It’s home to over 1,500 species of fish, 411 types of hard coral, 134 species of sharks and rays, 6 of the world’s 7 endangered species of sea turtles, and 30 species of marine mammals.> Though it currently boasts an incredible ecosystem, that may not be the case in the upcoming years, as the reef is slowly dying from oil pollution in the Coral Sea and global warming.How will contributors be compensated?> As this is a for-charity project, contributors will not receive any monetary compensation, but will definitely be provided with a free PDF zine and digital merch, as well as the option to purchase the zine at the manufacturing price! If proceeds allow, contributors will also be provided with a free physical zine and physical merch.What is the minimum age requirement for this zine?> We ask that contributors be 16+ at the time of application!Which Genshin Impact characters can we include in the zine?> Any Genshin Impact characters featured in-game by the time our Contributor Applications get sent out will be allowed to be included in the zine!Who can apply to this zine?> Everyone is encouraged to apply, regardless of skill level! The resistance will uphold the mantra of equality and justice by giving everyone a fair chance and judging accordingly.> However, any applicant found promoting hateful material (racism, homophobia, intersexism, biphobia, xenophobia, etc.) will be turned away, regardless of their skill shown.Can I have NSFW content in my portfolio?> Your portfolio can contain NSFW content, but please make sure that it is tagged correctly. Untagged or
improperly tagged works will be immediately disqualified. While NSFW content is permitted, the moderator team heavily suggests that your portfolio consists of mostly SFW works, as this is a SFW zine.
How will moderators be judged, and what moderators are you looking for?> Moderators will be judged on past and present zine and fandom/real life experience with the position they apply for. We are looking for a Graphics and Layout, Finance, Shipping, and Intern mod to add to our mod team.What does a Graphics and Layout Mod have to do?> Dracaena’s Graphics and Layout Mod will be tasked with making graphics for the zine’s Twitter posts (mainly announcements and promotions) and icons + header, and formatting the layout for the zine.> We also ask that they have previous experience with organizing/formatting zines and/or similarly styled prints, the proper capabilities to format artwork, prose, and poetry without making it illegible, and a program that can send out files in PDF and CMYK.What does a Finance Mod have to do?> Dracaena’s Finance Mod will be the head of overseeing all finances to make sure that this zine remains in the working budget that they will provide through their research, properly allocating funding where it needs to be to ensure that profits are gained, and in helping to manage the storefront. They will also have access to all order information and will be responsible for scoping out possible manufacturing companies.> We ask that they be 18+, experienced, and have the ability to use and manage Paypal properly.What does a Shipping Mod have to do?> Dracaena’s Shipping Mod will be in charge of receiving, packaging, and shipping out the zine.> We ask that they be 18+, experienced, detail-oriented, and prepared to spend a large amount of time packing and shipping if there are a large amount of orders.What does an Intern Mod have to do? (Highly recommended for those who have no prior modding experience!)> Dracaena’s Intern mod will be required to assist zine moderators in general duties, whether it be learning the ropes with the Graphics and Layout Mod or helping the Social Media Mod post. This experience aims towards preparing an Intern Mod for future projects through hands-on experience.> An understanding of being a contributor (an important step on the way to becoming a mod) is extremely helpful, so be sure to include prior experience with zines, fanweeks, bigbangs, etc. in your application! We ask that they be 16+.How many contributors will you be accepting?> We aim to accept about 25-30 page artists, 6-8 merch artists, 5 fanfiction/prose writers, and 2 poets. This number will likely change depending on the response our team gets from the interest check.How will illustrators be judged?> Page illustrators will be judged on the general composition, creativity, backgrounds, and coloring of their works. Please note that it doesn’t matter whether your pieces are traditionally or digitally made!> Merch illustrators will be judged on composition and creativity of their works, and demonstrating the ability to create (either physically or digitally) artwork that can be produced as merch.> The resistance respects artistry, in any form it may take.How will writers be judged?> Prose writers will be judged on proper grammar use, flow, syntax, characterization, and language.> Poets will be judged on their ability to convey a story or deeper meaning by their usage of rhythm, imagery, and structure.Why do you say "illustrators" instead of "artists?"> Drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, among other mediums all fall under the same umbrella of art. People who produce art are, by definition, artists, so we'd like to give a little more credit to the underappreciated.Is plagiarism tolerated?> No :)Not even a little bit?> No :) Any portfolios containing plagiarised content will be disqualified with no consideration. If the work isn’t yours, don’t include it -- it’s quite simple!Are collaborations allowed in the zine?> Most definitely! We will have a section in the application form for you to fill out in case you and a friend would like to collaborate in the zine, or if you’d simply like to be matched with someone.> If you apply with a friend, however, we must warn you that there is no guarantee that both of you will get accepted, so please have a backup plan prepared.What if I have other questions about this zine? Where do I go?> The resistance will gladly help you if you send a question to our CuriousCat, email us, or DM us on Twitter!> We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!


This schedule is susceptible to change.

Interest Check:
September 28 - October 20th
Interest Check Results:
October 29
Mod Applications:
October 31 - November 28
Mod Application Results:
December 7
Contributor Applications:
December 25 - January 30
Contributor Application Results:
February 7
Idea Check-Ins:
February 13
Idea Check-In Responses:
February 18
Creation Period Start:
February 19
First WIP Check-In (Sketch/Outline):
March 25
Second WIP Check-In (Lineart/Flat Color/Writing 40% Done):
May 3
Third WIP Check-In (Nearing Completion):
June 7
Final Check-In (Submission):
July 15
September 10th - October 10th


Loading Character Profile...> Name: Mei
> Role: Head Mod
> About:
Hello, I'm Mei, the Head Mod for this incredible project! Kokomi is such a beautiful character and I'm genuinely honored to utilize my appreciation for her towards protecting one of the seven natural wonders of our world. I think she'd approve of it :))> Experience:> Passion Overload Mod Intern/Writer
> Storyteller Social Media Mod
> Lupus Minor Writer
> Board Member for multiple school clubs

Loading Character Profile...> Name: Ellie
> Role: Co-Beta Mod
> About:
Hiya, I’m Ellie! I love to read and write with an absolute passion! I’m currently an English & History double major, so Genshin Impact and its lore just lights up all of my senses! Kokomi has been a favorite character of mine since leaks (shh, don’t tell!), so I’m ecstatic to be a part of Dracaena’s creation and to work with such an amazing team on a heartwarming project~> Experience:> Gateway to You Writer
> Mikrokosmos Approaches Writer
> Oasis Writer
> Writer in 2 Genshin Big Bangs
> Beta/Writer in Fandoms for 7+ years
> Beta/Writer in a university setting for 4+ years
> University Library Intern
> Critic/Contributor in University's Journal

Loading Character Profile...> Name: Trixie
> Role: Co-Beta Mod & Social Media Mod
> About:
Hi hi I'm Trixie and I'm going to be one of the Beta Mods for this sexc zine!! ^o^ I've been in love with Kokomi since she was Mimi because of her... well everything, so it's an honor to be working on this project <3> Experience:> Writer in 10+ zines
> Mod Intern for 2 other zines
> > More comprehensive list of zine experience here!
> Writer/Editor for high school newspaper for 2 years

Loading Character Profile...> Name: Feiyu
> Role: Graphics / Formatting Mod
> About:
Heyo! I'm Fei, a mixed media artist with a love of paper. Genshin Impact is the game I can't stop coming back to.> Experience:> Contributor in 20+ zines
> Graphics / Formatting Mod for 5 zines including Of Mews and Men, Mystical Songstress, and Fodlan Chromatica

Loading Character Profile...> Name: Asteria
> Role: Finance Mod
> About:
Merha! My name is Asteria. I waited for Kokomi's banner before pulling and now she's my main! I hope you guys enjoy and look forward to this awesome zine!> Experience:> Finance Mod for Rebuttal Showdown
> Shipping Mod for The Journey Beyond
> Finance, Production, and Shipping Mod for The Prince Route
> More comprehensive list of zine experience here!
> 4+ years of business management (payment center, baking business, etc.)

Loading Character Profile...> Name: Kroalias
> Role: Shipping Mod
> About:
I’m a high school history teacher and personal servant to three cats, as well as a mod for a zillion zines. Somehow in between all of that I find time to play Genshin and cry over deciding who to level up. help I love everyone.> Experience:> Comprehensive list of zine and IRL experience here!

Loading Character Profile...> Name: Yuu
> Role: Mod Intern
> About:
Hi, I’m Yuu and I love to draw!! Ever since I started playing Genshin I have logged in every...single...day...HAHAHA this game has got me in a chokehold. I love Kokomi a lot, so I'm very happy to be here!!! I'm looking forward to working with you all ❤️> Experience:> Page / Merch Artist for projects including: Storyteller, Golden Rule, Queen of the Night, Triple Resonance, Luin, Social Warfare, etc.